Individual online pan flute courses

Teacher – Madalin Luca

Who Should Attend:
The courses are aimed at people of all ages, from children to adults. People can be in Romania or any other country in the world. Languages that can communicate are: Romanian, English and Italian. The course addresses both those who want to learn to play the pan flute for his own pleasure and children, teenagers or adults who want to learn to play the pan flute at an advanced level. Of course, those who already know how to play the pan flute are welcome too. Maybe they want to improve themselves.

About the instrument:
The student must have his own instrument. If you do not already have an instrument, you’ll receive explanations from the teacher about pan flutes that exist on the market, features and prices. You can then decide which instrument to buy, according to information received.

Some useful information for a person which starts to learn to play an instrument.
Individual study:
To learn to play an instrument, it is necessary individual study under the guidance of the teacher. But every person who wants to learn to play an instrument must realize that you will need to devote some of the time, study at home alone. Individual study at first technically and arid, not directly learn the songs the student wants to play and can be tedious and difficult at times. It takes tenacity and mostly his own motivation. The trainee receives specific exercises each step, that need to make them at home. The student has no way to learn to play, only during courses hours held with the teacher. He will be guided to evolve step by step, but each will evolve depending on the time he devote to the study. Of course the teacher will adapt mode and exercises based on the personal data of each student, the time available for its purpose, the pace of work and the ability to assimilate.

Minimum Age:
Panflute is taught from the age of 10 years, since the earliest can be risky and the children don’t have the wind power for a wind instrument, because the lungs are not sufficiently developed and pan flute requires more effort than the whistle, for example, you can learn earlier. In extreme cases of child development permit may begin studying pan flute at age of 9 years. It is good that the person, especially children to have an healthy respiratory system. BUT, I recommend to play pan flute in case of health problems such as asthma or other respiratory problems, because it can help. It is better to ask and specialist advice in the case of health problems to know if you could damage whatsoever playing the pan flute.

Music Theory:
If the person who wants to learn to play the pan flute does not know at all music theory – notes, scales, music rules etc. – will need to do a few hours of theory that can help decipher a music score. These hours of theory classes will be integrated in the pan flute classes, it won’t be done separately.

The minimum duration of a course:
A course after which the student can see minimal results would be 6 months. After 6 months, the person should know: notes, to read a score (more weight, but to decipher ), know the basics: pan flute position, jaw position, posture, breathing technique, technique in terms of playing staccato, playng about 2, 3, 4 songs not very complex (depending on how it evolves each interest, talent and study). Can not vouch for everyone, uniform, same result. Some people may develop spectacular, while others may progress more slowly. Evolution depends on each person.

Hours Frequency:
The sessions can last 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes depending on what each student wants.
At least once a week, one session. You can do more sessions per week, depending on the desire and purpose of the learner. Date and time of deployment is agreed.

Course fee:
You can find the price of the course contacting the teacher by phone or email. The course can be paid in advance before each meeting or monthly in advance by bank transfer, Paypal, Revolut. Informations will be communicated when you set the course.

Technical need for good communication:
From a technical standpoint, you need a good internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone, tablet, desktop. The lessons are going to be held using Skype or Messenger or Whatsapp. A pair of headphones can be used sometimes.
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Telephone: +40720762073
Email: madalin.luca@gmail.com

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